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Corporate serviced apartment rentals in Delhi

Corporate serviced apartments in Delhi reflect not only the corporate opulence and the vital features of the supreme real estate industry of the capital city of India, but these apartments are also elegant and furnished evidences of the curious amalgamation of the traditional and the contemporary corporate style and outlook. Palm Greens provides a cluster of long stay apartments in Delhi, and these constitute not just normal serviced apartments, but plush and exotic corporate suites which are endowed with all the modern and technological facilities that will ease a hectic corporate lifestyle.

Often there are important dignitaries, corporate political clients, and connoisseurs of fine living and great dining, who visit Delhi for important meetings, corporate tie-ups and industrial conferences. At Palm Greens, they can avail the ‘home away from home’ advantage, and the serviced rental apartment in Delhi, offered by Palm Greens has the following features, which have earned the company its name and fame:

  • Corporate suites which are especially designed for the middle-level and the topmost executives, and the relocating professionals, who visit Delhi, along with their families.
  • The classic categories, the Maharaja styled rooms, the rooms facing the verdant greenery outside, and the rooms which are located away from the bustling confusion of the city, create a space which belongs exclusively to the corporate dignitaries, are the masterpieces designed by Palm Greens.
  • All the modern technical features like high speed Wi-Fi connectivity, well-equipped rooms with music systems, and voice conference call machines, special LED televisions, 24/7 power back-up and intercom connections make it easier to boost the speedy life of the corporate.
  • The business apartments in Delhi, offered by Palm Greens, are fully equipped with the hot and cold water facilities, and the inmates of these rooms can connect to the nearest places of importance also, as these rental apartments are located in strategically important positions.

The luxury furnished rental in Delhi, offered by Palm Greens, is aesthetically designed service apartments, and the affordable rooms are easily liked by most of the individuals or the corporate groups who wish to travel to the airport, or visit the stunning shopping malls in South Delhi, or else, if they want to consult the doctors in case of any unforeseen emergency.

The long stay apartments rentals are offered by Palm Greens also have an attached balcony system, and special kitchen areas. The kitchens have all the modern cooking utensils, and the special appliances like toasters, air-fryers, gas stoves, premier and elegant room service facilities, and also a stock of all the important ingredients for the kitchen. The whole idea is to accelerate the comfort and sophistication of lifestyle, where the luxury furnished rental in Delhi becomes not just a minor catch phrase but an epitome of luxury and elegance which is the true essence of all the furnished serviced apartments offered by Palm Greens.

There are special rental suites not just for corporate visits, but the spacious rooms can also be booked for special medical visits by foreign professionals, and external ambassadors.




The luxury serviced apartments are located in South Delhi and they are interconnected to Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bangalore and Mumbai via the national highways and air routes. For more information, the Palm Greens authority can be contacted at

What to check in a furnished studio apartment in Delhi

The rising trend of travelers preferring to stay in studio apartments has changed the dynamics of hospitality industry largely. The pattern of preferring furnished studio apartments is prevalent to foreign single guests, business travellers, working corporate and diplomats who needs to stay in a place for more than a month.

But, if the place of stay is Delhi, then finding an appropriate furnished studio apartment is a huge task. Obviously staying in a hotel for extended time frame gets costly plus a certain feeling of belongingness misses in a hotel.  No wonder, foreign travellers and working executives prefers a neat place of their own that justifies their standard of living. Now, it is therefore essential to check few basics of rental studio apartments in Delhi. Apart from being a luxury furnished serviced apartment, there are certain characteristics of studio apartments in Delhi.  It is time to check out what to look in a furnished studio apartment in a city like Delhi.
1.  Location: Yes, this is very important attribute to check. If your serviced apartment however grand it may be, but if it is located in the middle of nowhere, then what’s the point in staying. In this regard, Palm Greens Serviced apartments and studio rentals are located in the prime location of South Delhi offering a great connectivity and ease of transports.

2. Space Management: Look out for compactness and storage facilities in studio apartments. Presence of storage units means you can easily unpack all your belongings without feeling crunch of space.

3. Aesthetics: Since in most cases studio apartments contains 2 rooms (at the max 3), therefore check for natural air-flow and sunlight.

4. Facilities: Ask the management beforehand about the amenities and facilities. Especially internet connectivity is often a necessity for guests.

Palm Greens fully furnished serviced apartments are designed keeping in mind the above points. Having more than three decades of hospitality experience, the company has owned accolades for superior services from global guests. The studio apartment by Palm Greens is a preferred choice for diplomats, executives and travelling corporate who often visit Delhi for month or more.
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