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When it is about Luxury, Choose Service Apartments

The mind of traveller is a strange place. Every traveller has his own set of preferences and likings. Be it the places, the activities to be enjoyed, the purpose of travel or the mode of travel. But the comfort of accommodation is the one single thing which remains common for everyone. Now when we visit a new place our first consideration remains the safety, luxury, facilities and features of the accommodation. There are number of options if you visit a metropolitan city but the trick is to know which type suits your requirement the most.

If you are planning for a long stay at any place be it for business reasons, medical reasons or leisure travel serviced apartments are the best option for you. Now it is very important to understand why a rental service apartment is a more practical choice. Firstly, from the luxury point of view most corporate serviced apartments have facilities at per the best hotels. Secondly, the service apartment comes fully furnished which gives traveller the opportunity to settle down in a much relax home like atmosphere. The rental serviced apartments are much more cost effective in long stay if you compare the tariff of hotels. Moreover hotels cannot simply provide the luxury of a serviced apartment. If you are a corporate customer and needs to arrange business meetings, the serviced apartments give the ideal structure without the need to book any meeting room separately while maintaining your privacy.

Palm Greens offer a wide range of luxury serviced apartments in and around New Delhi, India. The specialities of palm greens serviced apartments are numerous and exclusive. Each rental apartment offer luxury staying facilities blended with business requirements. The aesthetically designed accommodations are fully furnished and fitted with ultra modern furnishing and utilities. The apartments are managed by professionals who take care of every minute requirements on might have. Business facilities like professional chauffeur, meeting room, wi-fi with high speed internet are integrated. So if you are planning to visit New Delhi for business purpose, treatment or to explore the capital you now know the best luxury accommodation for long stay. Once you avail the services of palm green luxury service apartments you will surely be delighted and choose them for your future visits also. For more details about these wonderful serviced apartments visit or You can also book your rental apartment at


Corporate service apartments in South Delhi

South Delhi is a buzzing and financially active zone of Delhi. Being administrative center of national capital territory of Delhi, no doubt the area has gained significance position of its own. Moreover

With the presence of prominent business houses and economic hubs like Nehru place, the area buzzes with activities. Educational units like IIT and AIIMS make South Delhi one of the important districts in Delhi.

As a result, the place sees a huge flow of tourists, corporate and foreign guests. While there are many hotels and lodges present in South Delhi, but a quality accommodation is not so easy to find, specially the one that can host corporate or business travelers. Identifying this gap, Palm Greens has opened up their exclusive corporate service apartments in South Delhi dedicated to this special segment of travelers. Luxury Serviced apartments by Palm Greens has always own accolades from foreign guests and diplomats for their incomparable professionalism and superior quality of service. It is really nice to see that the place is neatly designed aligning to the global standard of lifestyle and have facilities to aid corporate, business travelers and diplomats in various ways.  All the serviced apartments are completely furnished and have amenities that make staying not only comfortable but also luxurious at some point. The place is a favorite choice of accommodation for foreign travelers and corporate who have a distinct taste of lifestyle.

Besides having corporate serviced apartments in South Delhi, Palm Greens also has luxury serviced apartments and vacation rentals spread in various area of New Delhi.  The company is been providing serviced accommodation since three decades making them a leading name in hospitality industry.
So, if you are looking for best serviced apartment in Delhi, look no further. Just visit them and you will find your right place to unpack your bags.
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Finding a Luxury Serviced Apartment in New Delhi

Yes, I know, it is not so very easy to find a luxury serviced apartment and things get bit tough if the city is Delhi. In Delhi, there are clusters of places that claim it to be a serviced apartment. But when one actually visits the place, it is found to be in a sorry state. Obviously it becomes pretty much confusing for foreign travellers or corporate to understand the real scenario of luxury serviced apartment without visiting. So, here is a quick guide to differentiate true and professionally managed serviced apartments from a casual ones right from your country.

  • Google it:  The basic step is search for the keyword ‘luxury serviced apartments in Delhi’ in the internet. While you will get a lot many results, start your first step by avoiding listing sites. Go for individual and official web pages. The sites which seems experienced and with good understanding of luxury furnished apartments, make a list.
  • Call : this is a tricky part , but be a good listener and I bet that calling directly to the serviced apartment team, you will understand a lot more about the place.
    • Try to check how professional are they
    • Are they giving you complete details or just hanging you somewhere in te middle
    • All your queries been answered patiently
    • Ask about the budget
    • Notice: Being a bit observant always helps. Try knowing what facilities are been provided. Like Wi-fi, Car, Lunch/dinner facilities and any particulars that a fully furnished apartment should possess.
    • Get a feedback: By now you will only have handful of names in your list. So, just check out some travel review sites and get to know about their feedback from real travellers.I am sure; these quick tips will ease many worry lines. Though there are few names that have constantly being a favourite of travellers in the sector of accommodation, which you can easily identify after a quick research. However I am listing below a luxury serviced apartments name to save your time :

Luxury Serviced Apartments in Delhi-

Happy Travelling to New Delhi!!!