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Corporate Serviced Apartments in Delhi

New Delhi being the capital of India is a prominent place that witnesses a huge influx of international guests, corporate and diplomats. Delhi is not only a capital region but also a business centre where thousands of corporate house and MNC companies resides. No wonder corporate around the world needs to visit the city for professional purpose often.  Therefore furnished corporate house which meets the global standards is the need of the hour. Though there are plenty of hotels and accommodation available in the city but the presence of quality furnished corporate house for a comfortable stay is not easy to find. Since business guests’ accommodation normally engages long term stay, hotels or lodges gets a bit pricey and sometimes they don’t even do justice to the quality.

To tackle this situation the concept of corporate service apartments came into picture that enabled business travellers to have a private space of their own. The idea is to provide a homely ambience, since guests will stay longer but without any hassle to maintain the property. Plus, if compared with a good hotel, the furnished apartments for business travellers and corporate were found way affordable. Delhi being a political centre too, no doubt there is a steady visit of diplomats. It is not easy to find a place worthy to put elite guests. But then thanks to Palm Greens serviced apartments, the perfect place where a diplomat or international guests can reside and have a great time.

The furnished corporate house by Palm Greens is an unadulterated mix of taste, comfort, standards and professionalism. Perhaps that is the reason that this particular serviced apartment in Delhi has won accolades from guests across the world since three decades.  So , if you are visiting to India for business purpose and are looking for long term accommodation in Delhi, I think Palm Greens Serviced apartments is the place you will love to stay.


The rising demand of fully furnished service apartments in Delhi

In the past 5 years, there has been stable growth of accommodation sector particularly in the metro cities of India. But alarmingly, a huge section of growth is marked by fully furnished service apartments. Delhi has seen more and more business travellers, corporate and diplomats are settling for serviced apartments as their long term stay venue rather than expensive hotel rooms.

Also, hospitality industry has itself propagated the sophistication of staying in furnished apartments. Obviously, the system works exceptionally well for foreign travellers, diplomats and corporate to stay in a fully furnished serviced apartments which reflects a ‘home-like’ ambience. Nowadays many luxury serviced apartments in Delhi provide office lounge area and corporate assistance, which also act as a great motivator for this particular segment to opt for this accommodation.
Besides, many business houses and corporate organization tie up with serviced apartment’s provider where they can offer executive housing facilities thereby popularizing the concept of fully furnished serviced apartments. While there may be a fraction of dedicated housing used as corporate service apartments which are booked solely for the specific accommodation, the rest majority keeps flexible units to accommodate guests.

More over there was a prevailing myth that serviced apartments are more costly. But with time and a considerable information shared people now know that staying for long term purpose, a serviced apartment is way pocket friendly than some average hotel room rates.

Delhi being both a business centre and nation’s capital there are lot of influx of foreign guests, business travellers, corporate and diplomats all across the world. Naturally to accommodate such guests, Delhi needs more advance and sophisticated furnished apartments.  By fully furnished apartments, I mean a compact and cosy private unit of your own having facilities like Wi-Fi, modular kitchen, living area, AC (of course) and furniture to live and stay.
But again it is essential to do a parity check between budget and the quality of serviced apartment you are looking to stay.

In my previous post, I have already shared some tips to choose a perfect serviced apartment to stay.
While I have a decent idea of many luxury serviced apartments in Delhi, but I am fond of Palm Greens fully furnished apartments for many reasons. You may directly contact them via phone or may contact them via their site at .

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