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Enjoy a relaxed vacation in the long stay apartments in Delhi

Long stay rentals have become the universal choice of all those diplomats and business dignitaries who visit India for an extended stay or for a personal sojourn. ‘Palm Greens’ offers an array of amenities for its visitors who wish to hire long stay apartments in Delhi. The rooms are equipped with the following facilities:

  • Twenty four hour water supply and constant power back-up
  • Private lounge, kitchens and separate smoking area
  • A bird’s eye view of Delhi, along with a relaxed atmosphere in the terrace or the private balcony
  • The long term serviced apartments also provide some of the best culinary as well as chauffeur facilities
  • All modern amenities like Wi-Fi, internet connection, and LCD televisions.

A luxury vacation rental which you dream of, must furnish you with the best opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. At Palm Greens, we do exactly the same. Our spacious rooms are all decked up with fashionable tapestry, and you have your own space to enjoy a cup of coffee on a solitary moonlit night, when you rent the vacation apartments for a long time. Whether it is the penthouse structure, or the Maharaja suite, our chief concern is to make you feel at ‘home away from home’.

We can boast of rooms which are free from dust and pollutants, and we take special care to make use of the laundry service for our linens and tapestry. In the long service rentals, you will also find kitchen appliances like toasters, coffee makers and micro ovens for your private use.

The location of our long term vacation rentals in Delhi is very strategic, and you will be well connected to the nearest medical homes, airport, taxi stand, or shopping malls. We also provide you with the car hire and plumber facilities. For more information, you can also contact our helpdesk, call us, or send us an e-mail. We are ready to offer you the best service of accommodation with our expertise.

You are cordially welcome to join in the celebration for good living- courtesy: Serviced Apartments & Hotel Palm Greens.

Watch our video to get a glimpse ! Contact us to know in details about our offerings.

The Corporate service apartments in South Delhi – A changing scenario

South Delhi is a buzzing zone of Delhi which probably sees most foreign guests and global corporate. The strategic location and vicinity to both domestic and international airport make the zone more important for travelers. Post election , there is a dramatic shift of business climate in India and Delhi being the center point witnessed a major rise of foreign corporate, global delegates and diplomats.
It is been observed that the majority of the populace prefers South Delhi as their accommodation location for varied reason. With our PM being vocal with business enhancement of the nation, the global corporate has also sang in unison .
So in brief in coming months New Delhi and particularly South Delhi will witness a huge foreign footfall , of course corporate will be leading in number. While there are many service apartments new delhi but no one can beat the Delhi Serviced apartments by Palm Greens. 

To accommodate these important guests , Palm Greens have also geared up with their fascinating and luxury fully furnished serviced apartments in Delhi. They have designed  a special Corporate Service Apartment to provide a professional yet sophisticated stay for international corporate, diplomats, delegates and business travelers. The corporate serviced apartment hosts many features like documentation aids, office supplies and other related services that will make the stay comfortable and business friendly. These new front of Rental Service Apartments in Delhi is suited for every international guests. Though there are no dearth of rental apartments in new Delhi, but the one carved out for foreign nationals and corporate are very hard to find.

Moreover the staffs of Palm Greens Serviced Apartment in Delhi are trained to aid foreign travelers in every possible ways , so that the guests does never at once feel out of place. The chauffeur service is also available for corporate who wants to travel in comfort and at his own ease.  Palm Greens has always been a leading name in the arena of fully furnished serviced apartments in New Delhi for a long time. Their specialized solution for corporate and foreign business travelers and diplomats reflects their adaptive business acumen.
Also their corporate  serviced apartment is located in South Delhi, it act as an added boon for both the group and travelers. But everything is depended on quality after all. Perhaps that is the reason that Palm Greens has seen the highest returning visitor in their corporate serviced apartment in South Delhi.

So, if you are a corporate or a foreign diplomat or international delegate ; and visiting to Delhi anytime soon book yourself a space of your own at Palm Greens. Unwind at a luxury serviced accommodation in Delhi .
You can visit their site at

or send them a mail at

Corporate serviced apartment rentals in Delhi

Corporate serviced apartments in Delhi reflect not only the corporate opulence and the vital features of the supreme real estate industry of the capital city of India, but these apartments are also elegant and furnished evidences of the curious amalgamation of the traditional and the contemporary corporate style and outlook. Palm Greens provides a cluster of long stay apartments in Delhi, and these constitute not just normal serviced apartments, but plush and exotic corporate suites which are endowed with all the modern and technological facilities that will ease a hectic corporate lifestyle.

Often there are important dignitaries, corporate political clients, and connoisseurs of fine living and great dining, who visit Delhi for important meetings, corporate tie-ups and industrial conferences. At Palm Greens, they can avail the ‘home away from home’ advantage, and the serviced rental apartment in Delhi, offered by Palm Greens has the following features, which have earned the company its name and fame:

  • Corporate suites which are especially designed for the middle-level and the topmost executives, and the relocating professionals, who visit Delhi, along with their families.
  • The classic categories, the Maharaja styled rooms, the rooms facing the verdant greenery outside, and the rooms which are located away from the bustling confusion of the city, create a space which belongs exclusively to the corporate dignitaries, are the masterpieces designed by Palm Greens.
  • All the modern technical features like high speed Wi-Fi connectivity, well-equipped rooms with music systems, and voice conference call machines, special LED televisions, 24/7 power back-up and intercom connections make it easier to boost the speedy life of the corporate.
  • The business apartments in Delhi, offered by Palm Greens, are fully equipped with the hot and cold water facilities, and the inmates of these rooms can connect to the nearest places of importance also, as these rental apartments are located in strategically important positions.

The luxury furnished rental in Delhi, offered by Palm Greens, is aesthetically designed service apartments, and the affordable rooms are easily liked by most of the individuals or the corporate groups who wish to travel to the airport, or visit the stunning shopping malls in South Delhi, or else, if they want to consult the doctors in case of any unforeseen emergency.

The long stay apartments rentals are offered by Palm Greens also have an attached balcony system, and special kitchen areas. The kitchens have all the modern cooking utensils, and the special appliances like toasters, air-fryers, gas stoves, premier and elegant room service facilities, and also a stock of all the important ingredients for the kitchen. The whole idea is to accelerate the comfort and sophistication of lifestyle, where the luxury furnished rental in Delhi becomes not just a minor catch phrase but an epitome of luxury and elegance which is the true essence of all the furnished serviced apartments offered by Palm Greens.

There are special rental suites not just for corporate visits, but the spacious rooms can also be booked for special medical visits by foreign professionals, and external ambassadors.




The luxury serviced apartments are located in South Delhi and they are interconnected to Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bangalore and Mumbai via the national highways and air routes. For more information, the Palm Greens authority can be contacted at

When it is about Luxury, Choose Service Apartments

The mind of traveller is a strange place. Every traveller has his own set of preferences and likings. Be it the places, the activities to be enjoyed, the purpose of travel or the mode of travel. But the comfort of accommodation is the one single thing which remains common for everyone. Now when we visit a new place our first consideration remains the safety, luxury, facilities and features of the accommodation. There are number of options if you visit a metropolitan city but the trick is to know which type suits your requirement the most.

If you are planning for a long stay at any place be it for business reasons, medical reasons or leisure travel serviced apartments are the best option for you. Now it is very important to understand why a rental service apartment is a more practical choice. Firstly, from the luxury point of view most corporate serviced apartments have facilities at per the best hotels. Secondly, the service apartment comes fully furnished which gives traveller the opportunity to settle down in a much relax home like atmosphere. The rental serviced apartments are much more cost effective in long stay if you compare the tariff of hotels. Moreover hotels cannot simply provide the luxury of a serviced apartment. If you are a corporate customer and needs to arrange business meetings, the serviced apartments give the ideal structure without the need to book any meeting room separately while maintaining your privacy.

Palm Greens offer a wide range of luxury serviced apartments in and around New Delhi, India. The specialities of palm greens serviced apartments are numerous and exclusive. Each rental apartment offer luxury staying facilities blended with business requirements. The aesthetically designed accommodations are fully furnished and fitted with ultra modern furnishing and utilities. The apartments are managed by professionals who take care of every minute requirements on might have. Business facilities like professional chauffeur, meeting room, wi-fi with high speed internet are integrated. So if you are planning to visit New Delhi for business purpose, treatment or to explore the capital you now know the best luxury accommodation for long stay. Once you avail the services of palm green luxury service apartments you will surely be delighted and choose them for your future visits also. For more details about these wonderful serviced apartments visit or You can also book your rental apartment at


Classy Fully Furnished Serviced Apartments in Delhi

Delhi is a center of magnanimous activities and as a result the city witnesses a huge influx of foreign guests, corporate and global travelers each day. In order to accommodate this huge and varied populace of guests, stylish and fully furnished serviced apartment is the call of the hour. Though there are many apartments and lodging available in the city, but finding a right balance of class and budget is the game.

Many of the visitors are perhaps travelling first time to Delhi. Naturally they get bit distracted and confused, not able to choose the right kind of accommodation. To combat this challenge, I suggest the best trick is to have a look of the property beforehand.

Among many, Palm Greens has owned a repute of its own in offering transparent and really superior accommodation service. They have been in the business for more than thirty years. So, they are safe bet in booking a luxury serviced apartment which is fully furnished with modern facilities. Also, they readily mail you pictures of their properties and assist you all through.  They also have specialized service in aiding first time visitors and senior citizens in coping their maiden Delhi visit.

The highly elite and extremely secure apartments have guards all through the time and a reception center for any kind of assistance. As a result many women corporate and travelers prefer Palm Greens apartments.
Another plus point is that, they have fully furnished serviced apartments in various location of Delhi. The classic infrastructure combined with modern amenities just makes this place a second home. The pricing is very competitive and they sometimes have discount plans for clients and corporate guests. The furnished apartment accommodation by Palm Greens makes your living a comfortable and memorable one in Delhi. So, if you are visiting Delhi, make your first step right by choosing a classy place to live.




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Long Stay Apartments in Delhi – A new living trend

People nowadays are inquisitive and research a lot before settling down to any decision. The travelling class is more curious and detailed searcher when they come into choosing accommodation.

In Delhi a recent trend of long stay apartment have been noticed. Especially foreign guests, international corporate and diplomats prefer a long term accommodation in Delhi rather than luxury hotels or boutique. They have got a plenty of reason to choose long stay apartments over hotel stay too.

Firstly the costs of staying in a luxury hotel for a month or more are way too expensive. Secondly in hotels you don’t able to create a space of your own. But in furnished serviced apartments you get to live in your terms minus all the maintenance and hassles. So, at any given day staying in fully furnished service apartment in Delhi is way more preferable than staying in hotel. Of course this is applicable when guests or traveler are looking for long stay apartments. Most of the guests prefer this sort of Rental  Service Apartments as a place to settle down for a while.

If you are still wondering where to find such a nice own place of your own, I would suggest please visit Palm Greens. They are located in Saket , Green park and have presence in and around Delhi. These locations are prominent places so staying here will give you a location advantage too. Also they have been in the accommodation industry for three decades and their clientele includes eminent diplomats, corporate and returning foreign guests.
Most importantly, they know the requirement of global guests. As a result the apartments are furnished completely to provide luxury and comfort to guests. All the advance amenities and facilities make your month long stay a memorable and homely one. Besides, the staffs and management are really good who are professional and helpful.

So you can directly book via their site at Palm Greens Serviced Apartments & Hotels or call them at +91-9313131313. Also you can mail them at

See you soon at Delhi!

What to check in a furnished studio apartment in Delhi

The rising trend of travelers preferring to stay in studio apartments has changed the dynamics of hospitality industry largely. The pattern of preferring furnished studio apartments is prevalent to foreign single guests, business travellers, working corporate and diplomats who needs to stay in a place for more than a month.

But, if the place of stay is Delhi, then finding an appropriate furnished studio apartment is a huge task. Obviously staying in a hotel for extended time frame gets costly plus a certain feeling of belongingness misses in a hotel.  No wonder, foreign travellers and working executives prefers a neat place of their own that justifies their standard of living. Now, it is therefore essential to check few basics of rental studio apartments in Delhi. Apart from being a luxury furnished serviced apartment, there are certain characteristics of studio apartments in Delhi.  It is time to check out what to look in a furnished studio apartment in a city like Delhi.
1.  Location: Yes, this is very important attribute to check. If your serviced apartment however grand it may be, but if it is located in the middle of nowhere, then what’s the point in staying. In this regard, Palm Greens Serviced apartments and studio rentals are located in the prime location of South Delhi offering a great connectivity and ease of transports.

2. Space Management: Look out for compactness and storage facilities in studio apartments. Presence of storage units means you can easily unpack all your belongings without feeling crunch of space.

3. Aesthetics: Since in most cases studio apartments contains 2 rooms (at the max 3), therefore check for natural air-flow and sunlight.

4. Facilities: Ask the management beforehand about the amenities and facilities. Especially internet connectivity is often a necessity for guests.

Palm Greens fully furnished serviced apartments are designed keeping in mind the above points. Having more than three decades of hospitality experience, the company has owned accolades for superior services from global guests. The studio apartment by Palm Greens is a preferred choice for diplomats, executives and travelling corporate who often visit Delhi for month or more.
To know more about the service provider please visits Palm Greens Serviced Apartments & Hotels.
Also you can directly mail them at:

Corporate service apartments in South Delhi

South Delhi is a buzzing and financially active zone of Delhi. Being administrative center of national capital territory of Delhi, no doubt the area has gained significance position of its own. Moreover

With the presence of prominent business houses and economic hubs like Nehru place, the area buzzes with activities. Educational units like IIT and AIIMS make South Delhi one of the important districts in Delhi.

As a result, the place sees a huge flow of tourists, corporate and foreign guests. While there are many hotels and lodges present in South Delhi, but a quality accommodation is not so easy to find, specially the one that can host corporate or business travelers. Identifying this gap, Palm Greens has opened up their exclusive corporate service apartments in South Delhi dedicated to this special segment of travelers. Luxury Serviced apartments by Palm Greens has always own accolades from foreign guests and diplomats for their incomparable professionalism and superior quality of service. It is really nice to see that the place is neatly designed aligning to the global standard of lifestyle and have facilities to aid corporate, business travelers and diplomats in various ways.  All the serviced apartments are completely furnished and have amenities that make staying not only comfortable but also luxurious at some point. The place is a favorite choice of accommodation for foreign travelers and corporate who have a distinct taste of lifestyle.

Besides having corporate serviced apartments in South Delhi, Palm Greens also has luxury serviced apartments and vacation rentals spread in various area of New Delhi.  The company is been providing serviced accommodation since three decades making them a leading name in hospitality industry.
So, if you are looking for best serviced apartment in Delhi, look no further. Just visit them and you will find your right place to unpack your bags.
You may also like to visit here to know more.

Corporate Serviced Apartments in Delhi

New Delhi being the capital of India is a prominent place that witnesses a huge influx of international guests, corporate and diplomats. Delhi is not only a capital region but also a business centre where thousands of corporate house and MNC companies resides. No wonder corporate around the world needs to visit the city for professional purpose often.  Therefore furnished corporate house which meets the global standards is the need of the hour. Though there are plenty of hotels and accommodation available in the city but the presence of quality furnished corporate house for a comfortable stay is not easy to find. Since business guests’ accommodation normally engages long term stay, hotels or lodges gets a bit pricey and sometimes they don’t even do justice to the quality.

To tackle this situation the concept of corporate service apartments came into picture that enabled business travellers to have a private space of their own. The idea is to provide a homely ambience, since guests will stay longer but without any hassle to maintain the property. Plus, if compared with a good hotel, the furnished apartments for business travellers and corporate were found way affordable. Delhi being a political centre too, no doubt there is a steady visit of diplomats. It is not easy to find a place worthy to put elite guests. But then thanks to Palm Greens serviced apartments, the perfect place where a diplomat or international guests can reside and have a great time.

The furnished corporate house by Palm Greens is an unadulterated mix of taste, comfort, standards and professionalism. Perhaps that is the reason that this particular serviced apartment in Delhi has won accolades from guests across the world since three decades.  So , if you are visiting to India for business purpose and are looking for long term accommodation in Delhi, I think Palm Greens Serviced apartments is the place you will love to stay.


The rising demand of fully furnished service apartments in Delhi

In the past 5 years, there has been stable growth of accommodation sector particularly in the metro cities of India. But alarmingly, a huge section of growth is marked by fully furnished service apartments. Delhi has seen more and more business travellers, corporate and diplomats are settling for serviced apartments as their long term stay venue rather than expensive hotel rooms.

Also, hospitality industry has itself propagated the sophistication of staying in furnished apartments. Obviously, the system works exceptionally well for foreign travellers, diplomats and corporate to stay in a fully furnished serviced apartments which reflects a ‘home-like’ ambience. Nowadays many luxury serviced apartments in Delhi provide office lounge area and corporate assistance, which also act as a great motivator for this particular segment to opt for this accommodation.
Besides, many business houses and corporate organization tie up with serviced apartment’s provider where they can offer executive housing facilities thereby popularizing the concept of fully furnished serviced apartments. While there may be a fraction of dedicated housing used as corporate service apartments which are booked solely for the specific accommodation, the rest majority keeps flexible units to accommodate guests.

More over there was a prevailing myth that serviced apartments are more costly. But with time and a considerable information shared people now know that staying for long term purpose, a serviced apartment is way pocket friendly than some average hotel room rates.

Delhi being both a business centre and nation’s capital there are lot of influx of foreign guests, business travellers, corporate and diplomats all across the world. Naturally to accommodate such guests, Delhi needs more advance and sophisticated furnished apartments.  By fully furnished apartments, I mean a compact and cosy private unit of your own having facilities like Wi-Fi, modular kitchen, living area, AC (of course) and furniture to live and stay.
But again it is essential to do a parity check between budget and the quality of serviced apartment you are looking to stay.

In my previous post, I have already shared some tips to choose a perfect serviced apartment to stay.
While I have a decent idea of many luxury serviced apartments in Delhi, but I am fond of Palm Greens fully furnished apartments for many reasons. You may directly contact them via phone or may contact them via their site at .

Happy accommodation hunting!15_b