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Enjoy a relaxed vacation in the long stay apartments in Delhi

Long stay rentals have become the universal choice of all those diplomats and business dignitaries who visit India for an extended stay or for a personal sojourn. ‘Palm Greens’ offers an array of amenities for its visitors who wish to hire long stay apartments in Delhi. The rooms are equipped with the following facilities:

  • Twenty four hour water supply and constant power back-up
  • Private lounge, kitchens and separate smoking area
  • A bird’s eye view of Delhi, along with a relaxed atmosphere in the terrace or the private balcony
  • The long term serviced apartments also provide some of the best culinary as well as chauffeur facilities
  • All modern amenities like Wi-Fi, internet connection, and LCD televisions.

A luxury vacation rental which you dream of, must furnish you with the best opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. At Palm Greens, we do exactly the same. Our spacious rooms are all decked up with fashionable tapestry, and you have your own space to enjoy a cup of coffee on a solitary moonlit night, when you rent the vacation apartments for a long time. Whether it is the penthouse structure, or the Maharaja suite, our chief concern is to make you feel at ‘home away from home’.

We can boast of rooms which are free from dust and pollutants, and we take special care to make use of the laundry service for our linens and tapestry. In the long service rentals, you will also find kitchen appliances like toasters, coffee makers and micro ovens for your private use.

The location of our long term vacation rentals in Delhi is very strategic, and you will be well connected to the nearest medical homes, airport, taxi stand, or shopping malls. We also provide you with the car hire and plumber facilities. For more information, you can also contact our helpdesk, call us, or send us an e-mail. We are ready to offer you the best service of accommodation with our expertise.

You are cordially welcome to join in the celebration for good living- courtesy: Serviced Apartments & Hotel Palm Greens.

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