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Long Stay Apartments in Delhi – A new living trend

People nowadays are inquisitive and research a lot before settling down to any decision. The travelling class is more curious and detailed searcher when they come into choosing accommodation.

In Delhi a recent trend of long stay apartment have been noticed. Especially foreign guests, international corporate and diplomats prefer a long term accommodation in Delhi rather than luxury hotels or boutique. They have got a plenty of reason to choose long stay apartments over hotel stay too.

Firstly the costs of staying in a luxury hotel for a month or more are way too expensive. Secondly in hotels you don’t able to create a space of your own. But in furnished serviced apartments you get to live in your terms minus all the maintenance and hassles. So, at any given day staying in fully furnished service apartment in Delhi is way more preferable than staying in hotel. Of course this is applicable when guests or traveler are looking for long stay apartments. Most of the guests prefer this sort of Rental  Service Apartments as a place to settle down for a while.

If you are still wondering where to find such a nice own place of your own, I would suggest please visit Palm Greens. They are located in Saket , Green park and have presence in and around Delhi. These locations are prominent places so staying here will give you a location advantage too. Also they have been in the accommodation industry for three decades and their clientele includes eminent diplomats, corporate and returning foreign guests.
Most importantly, they know the requirement of global guests. As a result the apartments are furnished completely to provide luxury and comfort to guests. All the advance amenities and facilities make your month long stay a memorable and homely one. Besides, the staffs and management are really good who are professional and helpful.

So you can directly book via their site at Palm Greens Serviced Apartments & Hotels or call them at +91-9313131313. Also you can mail them at

See you soon at Delhi!

What to check in a furnished studio apartment in Delhi

The rising trend of travelers preferring to stay in studio apartments has changed the dynamics of hospitality industry largely. The pattern of preferring furnished studio apartments is prevalent to foreign single guests, business travellers, working corporate and diplomats who needs to stay in a place for more than a month.

But, if the place of stay is Delhi, then finding an appropriate furnished studio apartment is a huge task. Obviously staying in a hotel for extended time frame gets costly plus a certain feeling of belongingness misses in a hotel.  No wonder, foreign travellers and working executives prefers a neat place of their own that justifies their standard of living. Now, it is therefore essential to check few basics of rental studio apartments in Delhi. Apart from being a luxury furnished serviced apartment, there are certain characteristics of studio apartments in Delhi.  It is time to check out what to look in a furnished studio apartment in a city like Delhi.
1.  Location: Yes, this is very important attribute to check. If your serviced apartment however grand it may be, but if it is located in the middle of nowhere, then what’s the point in staying. In this regard, Palm Greens Serviced apartments and studio rentals are located in the prime location of South Delhi offering a great connectivity and ease of transports.

2. Space Management: Look out for compactness and storage facilities in studio apartments. Presence of storage units means you can easily unpack all your belongings without feeling crunch of space.

3. Aesthetics: Since in most cases studio apartments contains 2 rooms (at the max 3), therefore check for natural air-flow and sunlight.

4. Facilities: Ask the management beforehand about the amenities and facilities. Especially internet connectivity is often a necessity for guests.

Palm Greens fully furnished serviced apartments are designed keeping in mind the above points. Having more than three decades of hospitality experience, the company has owned accolades for superior services from global guests. The studio apartment by Palm Greens is a preferred choice for diplomats, executives and travelling corporate who often visit Delhi for month or more.
To know more about the service provider please visits Palm Greens Serviced Apartments & Hotels.
Also you can directly mail them at: